Tuesday, October 1, 2013

BJDBaby review: Part 4, THEY'RE HERE!

Yay!! After about 5 days in the mail, my new dolls arrived from BJDBaby :D
There is good, and a little bad, but mostly amazingly good things!

Ok, lets get right to the photo's. This blog is going to be VERY photo heavy, sorry to those on slower computers/phones :3

Excuse the photo bombing dog in the background. The boxes came shipped taped together, I took them apart, in the little box was my Pong, the extra parts for Taco (his head and human parts)

Everything was packed VERY well. Dolls were wrapped and padded well. No one was broken, or chipped :)

Say "hello" to the newest bunch of resin tinies!
Littlefee Flora, Soom Andes, Pukifee Pong, Soom Pandy and Soom Taco!

My first strike against BJDBaby, she didn't send me ANY eyes, I had asked if they came with them, she told me yes. So I had to scramble, but I found everyone temporary eyes (some are too big :3 others are perfect)

The girls... Flora and Andes

The boys, Pong, Pandy and Taco

Onto individual doll reviews. I'm going to rate each doll at the end out of 10, this will be based on overall quality, posability (yes I made that word up but you know what I mean :D) resin quality, and arriving as ordered (aka color and with all parts) and a comparison to other recasters!

Say hello to the most SHINY doll I've EVER seen. Pong was a free gift for spending over $400 lol. BJDBaby said she had a lot of Pong's and Ante's ready to ship, so I figured eh I'll take a Pong!. 
He has these CUTE little hands, and as you can see there is not much flashing or extra resin in the fingers/hand area. You can see his magnet in the palm, not on the top of the hand, but most tiny dolls (in my personal experience) are like that!

Seriously... why is he so shiny o.O

Oh, did I mention he is ACTUALLY strung correctly!!!! I didn't even ask for this, he came to me like this! He can therefore pose fantastically, and can stand or sit in any pose I've put him in! 

Magnets are good and flush. They're VERY strong in all my dolls!

... oh.... hmm except for that one hand that is missing a magnet ><' but the funny thing is, I had SUCH a hard time getting that hand off! 

His head cap is nice and snug to the back of his head (and again is hard to remove!)

Yay magnets and thick resin!

Quality: 6 (this shiny resin kills this score :( sorry buddy!)
Posability: 9 - he can seriously do anything very well!
As Ordered: NA I didn't order him, he was a gift :3
Compared to S/L: Hmm I would say resin quality is lower, he is shiny and kinda plasticy feeling. Posing wise he takes the cake! He is strung perfectly so he get's bonus points for that (seriously restringing is a pain!) I would say overall comparing he would get a 6/10.

Awww my sweet little Flora (seriously she is the one sculpt I'd probably get in every size!) notice those extra parts? Yeah, she isn't strung correctly... idk WHY, but she is strung up through her head, so I'll have to restring her legs. Which is a shame because she is strung super tight and poses beautifully (well except her legs :3)

Again, this hand you can see the magnet threw the palm, but not the top of the hand. Also that is NOT a seam line, that is crappy camera angle and lighting, her tummy is adorable :3

This hand is really nice, the resin is thick, can't see any magnet at all. Both hands move well, and both have magnets in the wrists and the hands.

Head cap is pretty flush, little space by the ears, but nothing you notice with a wig :) again her head is hard to pull off (yay strong magnets!)

Oh yeah, so those other pieces by her clicky bits in the first picture... those are the magnets I asked BJDBaby to install in her head cap. If you look the space where they go has NO resin in it. Basically all I have to do is glue the magnets in and put some cute little fantasy parts on her noggin! I am REALLY pleased that they remembered this as I had asked them to put the magnets there :D
Also note the resin is nice and thick (no thin spots!)

Remember I said she can pose like a dream? She is easily touching her face right now and GAH she is cute :3
Quality: 9- her resin is thick, she is not shiny, there is no extra resin in her hands or feet, the inside of her body is clean. She has no thin spots and looks wonderful!
Posability: 8- she doesn't get a perfect score because she can't stand at the moment due to being strung wrong in her legs. However, she can hold her head and arms in any position I put them in. She can tilt her head to either side, up and down and hold it there (which is really amazing!) Her arms are easy to pose, and they stay where I put them :D
As Ordered: 10- She is the correct skin color, came with her clicky bits (without me asking) they remembered to not fill in the head magnet spots AND even included the magnets like I had asked! 
Compared to S/L: 8.5/10 I want to give her a 9, but I need to see how she poses when her legs are restrung. Her resin is a beautiful pink color, she has spots for magnets, her body is strung well. Honestly I see NOTHING wrong with this girl :D A++++++

Awwwww my little chunky pandy <3
Isn't he adorable!! 

He has all his magnets as he should, and they are seriously strong, they kept sliding across the paper he's on to reattach to his head o.O Again, nice thick resin on this little one!

*dies* look at his face :3
Here is his tail, the ears are the same, the magnet is strong and sturdy inside the resin and holds well to his body.

His head cap has a gap... a pretty big one, which is a little stinky cause he isn't getting a wig, but it's ok, his head stays on and isn't loose, so I can't complain too much. Also notice his little tail stuck to his tush!

Eeeeeee. I will say this, he does need to be strung a little tighter. He doesn't hold his poses as well as the other dolls in the order, but I know that tiny elastic like he has is harder to get just right. But with patience he poses ok :)

I know, it's a weird angle, but look, this is black resin.... there are NO seam lines anywhere. He is beautiful! The resin is dark, not at all powdery looking and very sturdy!

Quality: 8- he would get a higher score if his head cap had less of a gap, but to be honest, he moves well. His resin coloring is beautiful and he is nice and sturdy!
Posability: 6.5- I have a feeling that with either thicker elastic or just by tightening it, he will be able to pose even better. To be fair he poses better than some of my other dolls, but I'm judging him based on the others in this order and on his ability to stay in the poses I put him in.
As Ordered: 10- he is perfect :3 the black resin (which I was concerned about) is beautiful, the white resin is flawless and he is just too cute for words
Compared to S/L: This is hard, as I don't have animal dolls from S/L I do have a little bear from Pifa, and I can tell you they're pretty on par with each other. So I think I'll give him an 8? But again I don't have anything to really compare him with!

With Taco I asked for the Human head and legs/feet as well as the fantasy parts. Let's start with human things:

His resin color is breathtaking, he's a pale blue and is just beautiful! His human head is cute as can be and doesn't have any thin spots

Yay little feet and a hand! The resin in his feet where the hook goes isn't the cleanest, but I can easily slide a hook in and out of them, so it's ok! His hand is good! No extra resin :)

Dun dun daaaaa
Seam lines :O but only on one leg x) This is my first custom colored doll and I know that seams happen. They're not horrible, but they are there!

Daww little tail :3 again, seam line on only one side, the other is beautiful and smooth! The tail stays on VERY well (it's magnetic) and is really very cute! (Also notice a slight seam on his lower arm, but none on the upper, or his hands or body!)

Oh this face <3 it is beautiful!! The resin is thick by his eyes (which I always worry about with squinty sculpts) there is NO seam line on either head, or his body. It is only on parts of his arms, legs and tail.

Check out this amazing clear resin! It's iridescent in person and I'm pleased with how it photographs as well!

He does have weird magnet marks on his head cap. The resin is not thin, you're not seeing the magnet through his head, I think that the magnet left a stain to be honest!

Head and horns again without the wig (the head cap meets really nicely- excuse the wig hair that is stuck in-between his horn and head xD)

Awww little dragon feets :3 they're very nice, and move well. His joints are great and unlike Calypso (my only other Soom recast up until he and Andes) he doesn't kick or hit himself... but more on that in this photo:

Uh... yeah... he is by far the best posing Soom recast I've ever seen. I love Calypso (a Soom Beyla from Steven/Luo) but she is kicky, and doesn't stand super easily, I was nervous ordering two more YoSD size Soom dolls because of how spazzy she is. Taco here, he stands like a tank. He is steady and holds any pose I put him in! Look out Caly, this boys looking at you ;D

Side view of his human head, again the head cap fits nicely, there are no seam lines and the resin is thick :D

Quality: hmm 8 if I'm deducting for seam lines 10 if I'm not. He is stunning, his color is beautiful and is the same throughout his body. His horns and tail are perfect and stay in place without a problem. 
Posability: 10- I've never had a Soom doll just stay how I ask! He doesn't wiggle or move, his joints don't bend (unless that's what I want) and he doesn't fall over!
As Ordered: 10- he is the exact color I asked for, with ALL the parts I wanted. I am really pleased with how the color looks in person, and that all the parts are here, and are good quality
Compared to S/L: Sorry you guys, but he blows S/L out of the water. I really thought that BJDBaby wouldn't be as good, I'm being honest, but these dolls are shocking me. I would say that he gets a 10/10 not only is he sturdy, but he has all his fantasy parts and human parts (a problem I have with Calypso who didn't have a tail or human head!) He stands and sits and holds his poses perfectly. I'm really happy with him :D

And last but not least... Andes... who I wasn't sure about ordering, but is just so damn cute... I'm SO glad I ordered her!

She is super cute, she came with two extra tails (I'm not sure why) the long thin one I believe is Soom Smokey's tail and I don't know if the short one is the other centaur who's name I'm blanking on now x) But! All three have magnets, all three fit in the tail spot (lol tail spot) I'm excited because Calypso has fallen for the short fluffy tail and after some blushing and installing a magnet in her tush, she will, at LONG last have a tail :D :D

I wanted to show the movement of the bottom part of the hooves, so here is one position...

Not sure why this is on it's side lol, but here's another. As you can (hopefully) see the hoof itself has a really good range of motion, which comes in handy when posing her (more photo's of that to come!)

Tail and magnets

Hands are cute and don't have extra resin anywhere :D 

Close up of the extra tails :P

Ok so some poses, I have never had a centaur, I love myth and fantasy dolls just tickle my fancy in particular. I had to play around with some poses that are just very centaur like. It's funny cause I wanted her to lay down in this picture, but she is strung so well, and balances like a pro, that she ended up leaning at one point and instead I had to share that with you! Look, she is balancing on her front legs only!

So naturally I had to balance her on her back ones... You might think this pose took hours for me to achieve. Wrong, it took about 3 minutes, once I figured out the best way to have her hooves face, she stayed like this until I moved her for her next photo (about 10 minutes later cause I was squealing so much at how she was doing this!)

Close up of her rearing :3

Aww that face!!! Her eyes are too big right now (as I said I didn't get any eyes, so I had to make do xD) but her resin is thick, and a beautiful off white color :D

Her head cap is snug and her antlers stay in place perfectly (there is no weird magnetic mark on her like Taco) 

Quality: 10- yup, she get's a 10! Her resin is beautiful, it's thick and a pretty color!
Posability: 10- come on look at those pictures again o.O I still can't believe it!! Her hooves have a great range of motion, her upper body can bend forward or back and her arms stay where they're put. She is NOT kicky at all, in fact she is so well strung/built her legs actually click into different positions.
As Ordered: 8- I got extra goodies with her, she is not a pearly white (like I thought) but like a creamy white, which is actually much prettier, but to be fair I ordered white, she isn't pure white (like the white parts of Pandy), so I thought I'd mention that.
Compared to S/L: Again I have to rave about her ability to hold poses, I've seen other people with centaurs from S/L who can do the same poses she can, but I don't know how easy it is for them. Since I only have Calypso who has hooves (but only two) I can't compare her to their centaurs. But I can say that her hooves are much nicer than Caly's and they hold their poses better, so hooves get a 10/10!

Ok so my arms hurt from typing so much. But there you have it! They are here, they are amazing, and they are better than I could have hoped!
I would absolutely buy from BJDBaby again! Especially if you want fantasy colors (I was not charged extra for this) or extra parts (as everything I asked for was included and nothing was missing). There is no extra shrinkage with any of the dolls. Pong is the same height as Paige (my pukifee Ante) and Taco and Calypso are the same as well. I really was expecting to like the dolls sculpts, but not to have the resin be as nice as it is, or to at least find some of the horrible problems others have written about. 
I came into this wanting only to write and photograph these dolls to form an unbiased review of a recaster who has had VERY mixed reviews, and I have come away with a huge appreciation for their workmanship and customer service that I had not expected! 
So, would I order again: Yes
Would I recommend them: Yes
Is their resin comparable to others: Yes, save Pong who's all shiny (but a coat of MSC will fix that)
Please PLEASE feel free to message me here or my email: Thebutterfliesattic@gmail.com with any questions about anything :D

Thanks for sticking around to the end! You all get a virtual high five, and my appreciation!

Monday, September 23, 2013

BJDBaby Review: Part 3

Well I am pleased, very very very pleased!
I was told that I would have pictures of my dolls and they would be mailed either the Saturday that just passed or Monday, today.
There was some sort of Chinese holiday this weekend, but today, I got my final picture (without needing to ask her or remind her to send a photo before mailing them!) She said in the email: 


the picture in attachment.these is all your bjds.
I am packing and shipping them today.
in china, it is difficault to login facebook,so I will reply you via email.

BJD baby

Yay! They are going to be on their way! She sends them FedEx I believe, I'll let you know when I get them (how long it took to arrive, and how they are!) 
But I'm really excited to get them all, especially because they all look fantastic!

Not gonna lie, I giggled at the fact that it looks like Taco is picking his nose :3

Dolls are: Pukifee Pongpong (a free gift for ordering so many dolls!)
Soom Taco in beautiful blue resin
Littlefee Flora, normal pink
Soom Pandy
and Soom Andes in white. 
Everyone looks amazing! And and I can't wait to tell you all about them when they get here :D

Until then, time to pick clothes and wigs and eyes for these kiddos :3

Friday, September 13, 2013

BJDBaby Review; Part 2

Ok, so it's been about 15 days since I have placed my order with BJDBaby, and while that seems like forever (especially by some other recaster standards) I have been getting updates, so that makes it much better!!

I made it a point to NOT bother the owner every day - or at least frequently- (like we all sometimes bother S/L over orders :P). BUT that doesn't mean I haven't checked in now and then. 
With such a big order and with a recaster I know little about, (especially when I'm trying to write all about it here!) I like to check in now and then.

So far I've talked with her 3 times. Each time she got back to me quickly and politely (and still with wonderful English!).
The second time (September 11th) she had pictures of two of my 4 dolls to share and I wanted to share them here with you :D

As you can see the color is spot on (yay!! omg he's sooooooo wonderful!) and ALL the parts are actually shown! I've gotten dolls before that are missing fantasy parts or human parts, but she has included everything like I asked (the extra head and the human parts) and that color *sighs* it's so pretty :3
I also want to make mention of the fact that the doll looks to be solid, my Soom Beyla from Luo is kicky, she's been restrung, but she just doesn't pose fantastically. Normally recasters don't take a lot of time with sending photos (think of all the photo's you've gotten where your doll's hands are backwards, or the arm is bent at a weird angle, legs aren't straight etc) So either she takes her time with the photos, or the doll actually poses well x)
Also I'm pleased that the fantasy parts are the right ones, Calypso (my Beyla) has Glot feet instead of Beyla hooves (I don't know if BJD Baby has the right feet... but damn I am curious :3)

 Aww look at her <3 isn't she a cutie!! Again, the doll is correct, the skin tone is spot on, the face looks perfect, and the hands and feet are obviously magnetic (I know in the past with certain recasters the dolls are fused together at the feet and hands) I also can't help but notice that the hips are facing the correct way, which (hopefully) means she has the clicky parts in her legs :3 I just asked today (the third time I've contacted her) if she remembered to install the magnets in her head like I had asked. 
Wow! Ok so as I was typing this she responded saying that the Littlefee does have the magnets in her head :3 so we will have to check when she arrives (but damn I hope so!)
When asked about the Pukifee she replied: "the pukifee skull is small" x) I don't know if they normally just don't do it or don't feel comfortable, but I asked if they can't/won't put them in if she could send extra magents so I can attempt it :3 

Both dolls appear to be strung well enough, I will let you know if they're strung the correct way (aka Littlefee through the hip joint for the legs, not through the head) and if they're strung well/able to pose. But as of right now, I'm feeling pretty pleased, and fairly confident in this order!
She told me that Andes is being processed today (and checked with me about her color-which was nice) 
She said all the dolls should ship by next weekend which would put her just a little past the 3 week mark that she had quoted me, which again, is ok as I am being given information as the weeks go on :)

Let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks for reading!

Check out Part 1 of this review here: http://thedollsintheattic.blogspot.com/2013/08/bjdbaby-review-part-1.html